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St. Hilda's Church Hall      

  Terms and Conditions of Hire.

St. Hilda's Church Hall will, within this document, be referred to as SHCH, and the person who signs the booking form will be known as the Hirer. Where the booking is for an organisation, the person who signs the booking form must ensure that they do so with full consent of that organisation. The Church Hall management committee will be referred to as M.C.

1. Booking and Fees

a. All applications for the hire of either of the halls or any of the offices must be sent to the booking secretary.

b. Fee charges will be those in force at the date of let, regardless of when the booking was made. If however, pre- payment is made with the booking, that fee will stand. 2 months notice will be given of future increases.

c. Booking are secured by the payment of a deposit which will be £30 of the total hire charge. If the total charge is less than £30, then the total hire charge is payable on booking. If there is a balance this must be paid at least 7 days before the hire date. Failure to comply will result in the retention of the  deposit.

d. The balance of the hire charge, along with a bond of £50 must be paid 7 days prior to the letting date. The bond of £50 will be refunded either in full or there will be a partial refund following an inspection of the hall by a member of the M.C. no later than 7 days after the hire date, but before the next hire period. The payment for any damages or the need for replacements due to breakages will be retained from the bond, as will an appropriate sum if the hall is not left clean.

e. Cancellation of the hire before 14 days prior to the hire will result in  deposit or full payment being retained. If at least 28 days notice of cancellation is given the deposit or full payment which has been paid will be refunded.

f. Access to the venue will be discussed with the Hirer by telephone on the landline provided on the booking form.

g. The hire of any part of the building is for the specific agreed times, as shown on the booking form and does not entitle the Hirer to enter or use the premises at any other time. All equipment brought onto the premises for use during the hire must be removed immediately after the letting period, unless prior arrangements have been formally agreed.


a. When hiring the main hall

i. a maximum of 250chairs will be available for concert style seating

ii. A maximum of 120 chairs and 15 tables will be available for cabaret style seating

b. When hiring the Gun room

i a maximum of 70 chairs will be available for concert style seating

ii. A maximum of 40 chairs and 8 tables will be available for cabaret style seating

c. The kitchen is available at an extra charge to anyone hiring either hall. If there are 2 requests for the use of the kitchen at the same time, the Hirer who books first will have precedence.

d. The stage area is included in the hire charge of the main hall.

e. The dressing rooms are available for use with the Main hall provided that the use is stipulated at the time of booking.

f. All kitchen equipment is available to anyone who hires the kitchen.


3 Hirer's responsibilities

a. The Hirer is responsible for any damage or loss to the areas booked on the booking form during the period of hire. See clause 1d re payment for damage.

b. Tables and chairs if used must be cleaned and returned to the storage area from where they were taken.

c. In the kitchen

i. all worktops must be washed thoroughly

ii. the cooker and fridge cleaned and any food removed

iii. all equipment must be returned to its storage cupboard

iv. the floor mopped

d. Floors in the main hall and Gun room must be swept.

All cleaning equipment will be provided

e. The Hirer must ensure all other rubbish is removed from the premises.

If any of the above is deemed to be unsatisfactory on inspection be a member of the SSHCH M.C. an appropriate sum of  will be retained from the bond.

4.Use of the premises

a. The Hirer shall not use any part of the premises for any purpose other than that stated on the booking form.

b. The Hirer must ensure that

i. at least 1 competent adult familiarises him or herself with the fire regulations which are posted on the notice board.

ii all fire exits doors remain unobstructed during the period of the hire, and that no fire door is opened except in an emergency .

iii in the event of a fire, the fire brigade is notified immediately and a full report in writing is given to the SHCH M.C. as soon as possible after the event. A list of emergency contact numbers is posted on the notice board. One of these people must be informed immediately after the fire brigade.

iv Alcoholic drinks may be served if free of charge, but none may be sold unless a separate licence has been obtained prior to the event. Agreement with the SHCH M.C. must be sought before an application for a licence is made.

d. Public Entertainments Licence. this will be included as part of the hire. To comply with our licence, all entertainment must stop by 11pm.

e. Performing rights Society Licence. this will be included as part of the hire.

f. If a bouncy castle is brought into the hall, a copy of the providers insurance certificate must be shown when paying the balance.

g. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that good order is maintained throughout the building during the period of hire, and is responsible for the behaviour of persons attending the event. Care must be taken to ensure that the occupants of neighbouring properties are not inconvenienced by noise, obstruction by vehicles and the like. Similarly, due consideration must be given to all other hall users.

h. SHCH M.C reserves the right to put a stop to any event if it is not properly conducted.

i Nothing can be attached to any part of the building without previous consent.

j. No animals except guide dogs can enter the premises, except by prior arrangement.

k. No additional lighting nor extension leads may be used without previous consent.

l. All electrical equipment which is brought onto the premises must be PAT certified.

m. No highly inflammable substances may be brought onto the premises.

n. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building, nor in the grounds of the Church Hall.


5.Food Preparation.

a.Any food preparation is the responsibility of the hirer.

b. If the hirer intends to prepare food from raw ingredients, the M.C. will need to see evidence of the appropriate food hygiene certificate.


6.At the end of the hire.

a. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure all lights and taps are turned off and the heating set according to instructions given when collecting the keys.

b. All fire doors must be checked to ensure they are firmly shut and all doors locked.

c. Any equipment brought into the hall for the hirer's event must be removed immediately after the event, unless an agreement has been made previously.

c. Keys must be returned immediately to the person from whom they were obtained.

The M.C. endeavours to provide facilities which are clean and tidy for all users at as reasonable a cost as possible. In order to do this, the terms and conditions as set out, must be adhered to by all.

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